Council considers how to pay for Windsor Road project

By Anna Carrera

Published 06/16 2014 03:59PM

Updated 06/16 2014 06:30PM

URBANA -- Monday night, the Urbana City Council will look at how to pay for the $5 million Windsor Road project. The city is responsible for footing more than half the bill; $2.8 million. The plan is to pay for it with bonds.

All that money is to fix about a mile of road. City leaders say they expect to pay those bonds in the next ten years and drivers will use the road for a lot longer than that.

Potholes in the rough road have been an issue for a long time. It's because the material it's made of is deteriorating faster than a normal street would. The assistant city engineer says he hopes to get started as soon as August and get about a quarter of the way done before winter. But, most of the project will be finished next year, including getting rid of eight inches worth of bad pavement and replacing it.

Workers say they plan to keep traffic moving through the entire project. City officials expect to pay about $310,000 each of those years. It will come from gas tax money and use up about 40% of the fund.

There are more improvements on the way for this stretch of road; a traffic light for the Race Street intersection and pedestrian lights at Vine Street, near Meadowbrook Park. There are also plans for a raised median which could be landscaped in the future.

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