Council to Vote on Future of Humane Society

Published 05/01 2012 05:02PM

Updated 05/04 2012 11:15AM

DANVILLE -- An alderman is trying to close the area's animal shelter. It comes after months of complaints about abused animals.
   People all over town have heard rumors the shelter is dirty, animals are abused, and some even killed. But, Alderman Rickey Williams and a resident, say they can prove the rumors are true with statements and photos.
    These photos come from Sheila Acree. You can see a dog's ribs exposed and another dog's paws are pretty raw. Acree says she took the pictures while at the Danville Humane Society trying to adopt a dog because their conditions disturbed her.
    Acree, along with Alderman Williams, plans to be at tonight's council meeting. There, officials will try to end the contract between the city and the Humane Society. Williams says they'll vote whether or not to end the contract.
    Williams says, if it passes, by law, the Vermilion County Humane Society is supposed to take over. As for the Danville Humane Society, it can stay open if it wants, but no one will be able to adopt animals from there. People will only be able to bring them in. 

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