Couple plans to visit son in Navy after lottery win

Published 03/03 2013 05:56PM

Updated 03/04 2013 09:37AM

MAHOMET -- A man hit the jackpot when he won the lottery last month. Michael Feigl said he'll spend most of the money he won on his kids.

He said he'll spend some of his winnings paying bills from his daughter's wedding. With the rest, he and his wife will visit their son, who spends most of his days with his head in the clouds.

Matthew Peden takes a risk every time he straps on his helmet. He's a fighter jet pilot in the U.S. Navy. He may have learned a little bit about taking a gamble from his family.

"My financial adviser told me to put a little bit of money in high-risk investments and the lottery is about as high-risk as you can get," said Michael Feigl.

It's paid off for Feigl before.

"I've probably been buying lottery tickets since they first started selling them," said Feigl.

He's won $5, $10, even $100 at a time, but never a jackpot like this: $33,075. It was all won from a game his wife, Marilyn, can barely figure out.

"I really don't even understand a lot of the ways of these different games," said Marilyn. "There's so many different games. I understand what happened this time."

She was at the gym when she heard the news.

"I'm lucky I didn't fly off the edge of the treadmill or something," said Marilyn.

The couple plans to spend the money on a trip to Hawaii. They'll get to see Matthew, who's been flying in the Middle East for the past year.

"This is the longest I've ever gone without seeing my son so I'm just anxiously awaiting for him to get back safely," said Marilyn.

Now that he's retired, Feigl doesn't have to worry about punching a time-clock. But he said a little extra green in his pocket doesn't hurt.

"Just a small investment every week with potential big payoff," said Feigl.

They're planning to take the trip sometime next month. Feigl said he's definitely going to keep playing the lottery in hopes of an even bigger jackpot.

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