Crews on scene of plane crash

Published 08/27 2013 02:08PM

Updated 08/29 2013 09:41AM

Latest: 6:01 pm, 8/28/13, Wednesday
EDGAR COUNTY -- People are remembering a pilot killed in a plane crash. Rusty Bogue worked at the airport. The coroner says the Paris died on impact. The crash happened Tuesday less than a mile from the Edgar County Airport. WCIA-3's Anna Carrera has more.

Bogues was a flight instructor as well as a pilot. Some of his flight students had endless stories about learning to fly with him. All of them were devastated to hear about the crash.

We first met Rusty Bogue last year, fighting to keep his family and business together at the Edgar County Airport. Since Bogue started flying, he's logged nearly a year's worth of time in the sky.

He took off for his final flight at the airport where he worked. Instead of the 20 mile trip to Terre Haute he had planned, he ended up less than a mile away.

"In some wooded terrain, there is a ridge that is fairly steep and the aircraft came to rest at the bottom of that ridge near a creek," said NTSB Air Safety Investigator Aaron Sauer.  

Investigators say a fire sparked after the crash.

"We have debris scattered within about 100 yards in diameter, about 300 feet," said Sauer. "There's multiple tree strikes in the wooden terrain of a path the aircraft did come through."

People who knew him say they'll remember his love of flying most. Many young pilots earned their wings under his watchful eye, spending upwards of 40 hours together in small planes. They say his focus was on training pilots for the future. His family will remember him as a loving father.

Our crews saw one plane fly over Paris Wednesday afternoon.

"We did have one aircraft that was kind enough to offer its services to take some photography for us overhead to give us a better perspective," said Sauer. 

It's perspective his family is searching for and his friends and students wonder if they'll ever understand.

Since we did the story with Bogue, his daughter's turned two. Now his wife is pregnant with another child.

Emergency crews have only seen two other crashes in the county during the past 30 years. The Public Information Officer for the county's Emergency Services and Disaster Agency says training and preparation help, but the real thing is usually very different. They say they hope to move forwards and try to improve their skills of other emergencies.
Latest: 5:01 pm, 8/28/13, Wednesday
EDGAR COUNTY -- We're learning more about a plane crash which killed the pilot. 33-year old Rusty Bogue was from Paris. He had just taken off from the Edgar County Airport Tuesday morning headed for Terre Haute, IN.

The NTSB can't confirm exactly why Bogue's plane crashed, but it's website states he reported engine problems. He took off just after 11 am, but he didn't get far. Bogue's plane crashed less than a mile from the airport.

There wasn't a black box in the plane, but investigators say they're trying to figure out why his plane went down. Authorities say it ended up in a wooded area at the bottom of a ridge which made it tricky to reach.

They say the plane caught fire when it crashed. There's debris scattered about 300-feet from where it crashed. Bogue's family and flight students are heartbroken and shaken up.

The NTSB had a busy month. There have been 83-aviation accidents in August. 22-people were killed. Cessna planes were involved in 17 of those crashes.
Latest: 12:40 pm, 8/28/13, Wednesday
EDGAR COUNTY -- The name of the pilot killed in Tuesday's plane crash has been released. Authorities say Rusty Bogue was the only one on-board the ill-fated flight. Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the crash.
Latest: 10:02 pm, 8/27/13, Tuesday
EDGAR COUNTY -- After spotting smoke in a wooded area, emergency crews came across a fatal plane crash. It happened Tuesday morning just north of Paris.

The crash site was a mile east of the Edgar County Airport, near the intersection of Indian Boundry Road and 1550 North. The pilot was the only person on board. He died at the scene. The coroner's office isn't releasing his name.

The FAA is expected to release that information Wednesday morning. In the meantime, investigators are sifting through the wreckage while coping with the loss.

“It's a tragic day for our county and for those who are involved, the families who are involved," said August Griffin, Edgar County EMA.

From morning to evening, and likely into the night, first responders had to shut down an often-used intersection not far from the Edgar County Airport.

"I can only assume that there won't be any more flights right now until further notice," said Don Wiseman, Edgar County ESDA.

What started as a call about a possible fire turned into scene many had never experienced before.

"You practice for times like this, though you never know exactly when it's going to happen or what it's going to be," said Griffin.

Beyond the tree is a crash site where a plane fell from the sky. Investigators say it was a twin engine Cessna 421. But how the crash happened remains a mystery.

The pilot's family members were the only people allowed past the road block. While FAA investigators survey the damage, emergency crews are doing their best to keep to strenuous scene under control.

"Maybe stopping any kind of rumors that might be going on out there. We just try to base what we are finding out from our responding emergency personnel," said Wiseman.

The Edgar County sheriff says FAA investigators will be at the scene as necessary, meaning emergency crews will block off that specific intersection overnight.

This is the fourth fatal plane crash in Central Illinois in the past three years. The most recent was a year ago in Taylorville. Brandon Sparrow crashed his plane in a backyard after skydivers jumped to safety.

In July 2011, three members of the Buerkett family died in a crash in Rantoul. Larry Southerland died in a crash just outside Decatur in December 2010.
Update: 2:45 pm, 8/27/13, Tuesday
EDGAR COUNTY -- The pilot of a twin-engine plane was killed this morning when his plane crashed. Emergency personnel were called to a fire in a wooded area northeast of the airport about 10:30 am.

A trucker passing by noticed and reported the fire. No other details are available at this time.
Original: 2:08 pm, 8/27/13, Tuesday
EDGAR COUNTY -- Officials are on the scene of a plane crash. It happened near the airport. No word what kind of plane is involved or if there are any victims.

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