Crossing guard to offer student safety on busy street

By Amanda Porterfield |

Published 11/26 2013 02:23PM

Updated 11/26 2013 02:32PM

CHAMPAIGN -- Hard work paid off for some parents. Those who live near South Side Elementary School have been fighting for a crossing guard. Now one will be stationed there.

The crossing guard should start in a few weeks. The walk to school for kids will be a lot safer now. People have wanted this for years.

It took a near-tragedy to make it a reality. Grace Pelz is running around with her friends now. But, in September, she had a broken leg, bruises and missed days of school. A car hit her as she was crossing Prospect and Daniel.

Several people took the issue to city council and asked for it to become an official school crosswalk with a guard, markings and signs. All of it has happened.

Grace's mom said, since the accident, they haven't walked to school, but now they will. The crosswalk and staffing with a guard will cost the city about $12,000. The guard's first day is December 2.

Public works says one thing the city is working on is developing criteria for the district, answering questions like what's the criteria for a crossing guard and what does a school need to get one. Those plans aren't finished yet.

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