Crossing zone concerns

By Anthony Antoine |

Published 09/23 2013 12:21PM

Updated 09/24 2013 12:44PM

CHAMPAIGN -- Caution signs were installed on a busy street after parents complained about students being able to get to school, but neighbors don't think it will be enough. The signs are on Prospect Avenue near Haines Boulevard. It's just blocks from where parents hoped to get a crossing guard. WCIA-3's Anthony Antoine has more.

"It's a major street."

Mike Millage lives on Prospect Avenue. He sees how fast cars zoom down the street.

"Even for an adult to get across this street, bicycle and everything."

Parents say, for children, it's even worse. This school year, one student was hit by a car while walking to Southside Elementary.

"The city is definitely listening to the concerns; listening to what's happening. The community is speaking and talking. No one wants to have accidents."

The sign isn't lit on weekends, but come Monday morning, police will turn it on. Some say having it lit only five days a week just isn't enough.

"I think it's almost going to have to be a 24-hour thing of some sort and on the weekends, to show the concern that everybody's got to just get people to slow down. We have a sign down the street here, but it's got the red flag that doesn't show too much."

Kyles says having electronic signs up seven days a week is an option. It's one of many the city council and community members will address at a meeting in October. People on both sides agree it's a good first step, but say more has to, and will be done.

"One thing that will be permanent is that we will continue to education and work towards trying to make sure that we increase child safety."

There will be a study session meeting October 22. Everyone is welcome.

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