Customers Turn To Facebook To Help Local Store

Published 02/07 2012 10:49PM

Updated 02/07 2012 10:49PM

MURRAYVILLE - A town is turning to Facebook to help a local grocery store.

Mason's Grocery in Murrayville, a small community south of Jacksonville, has been around for nearly 70 years.

The store's owner, Glenn Mason, says the economy has forced him to tighten his belt.   He's had to lay off staff, cut hours and dip into savings to keep the store afloat.

But one loyal customer had an idea to turn it all around.

Melanie Wildhagen saw a story on the news one night about a small community that came together to save a local hardware store. 

Wildhagen took the same concept.  She wrote a letter asking people to shop at Mason's on February 11.  The goal is to get everyone to spend $20 to show their support.

Wildhagen passed out the letter at church.  Then someone decided to make a Facebook event.  Before she knew it, the event had more than 600 confirmed guests on Facebook, about as many people that live in the small town.

To join the group on Facebook, click here.

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