Dam decision delayed

Published 09/17 2013 01:26PM

Updated 09/17 2013 01:30PM

DANVILLE -- An area alderman says further talks regarding the city's dams don't need to involve Governor Quinn. Mayor Scott Eisenhauer suggested the idea after delaying making a decision on the dams.

It was supposed to be voted on next week, but others feel getting the public more involved is a better way to decide the dams' fates. WCIA-3's Jeff Wagner has the story.

"There are people who are for removing the dams. There are obviously a lot of people who are opposed and there a lot of people who are somewhere in between."

That fine line is where you'll find Alderman Bill Black. He's not siding with removing the dams, nor is he just sitting still. But, if there's one thing he's pushing for, it's getting the community involved in the process.

"Have a public meeting in a true sense of the word. Discuss options, then the council can be there if they so choose, then we can make a decision based on facts and shared information."

He and Mayor Eisenhauer both want more input from the director of the Department of Natural Resources. But, Black doesn't want to rush anything, even after reports were released stating the city would be fined if it didn't act in time.

"The director said, 'fined, where'd that come from? Fined for what?'"

With the threat of a fine gone, Black wants to focus on getting the facts straight for the public. But, city leaders can't wait too much longer. Danville isn't the only community hoping to use state funds to remove a dangerous dam.

"When Cook County's in something and there's state money on the table, that's like telling a dog who hasn't eaten in three days to wait, tell him to say grace before he eats. That's not going to happen. They'll gobble up every dollar on that table in ten seconds."

Bill Black says city leaders have also mentioned the possibility of re-purposing the dams.

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