Deadlocked Presidential race

Published 11/05 2012 05:14PM

Updated 11/05 2012 05:40PM

CBS -- Polls show the Presidential race deadlocked on the eve of the election. The candidates are making their final runs through battleground states to try to secure every last vote.

President Obama got some help from Bruce Springsteen in Wisconsin, a state he needs to win. The President's final campaign lap also includes stops in Iowa and Ohio.

Wins in those states could help him hang onto the White House. The President argues he deserves four more years because he's the true candidate of change.

"Governor Romney is a very talented salesman. And in this campaign, he has tried as hard has he can to repackage the same old bad ideas and make them out to be new ideas."

Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney is also crisscrossing the battleground states. He's telling voters President Obama already had four years to prove himself.

"You hoped the President would bring people together to solve big problems. He hasn't. I will."

Romney is wrapping up his campaign will rallies in Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire and Virginia.

President Obama will end his night at his home in Chicago. Romney will finish in New Hampshire where he has a home.

When all is said and done, both men will have made more than 100 campaign stops each.

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