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Shooting leaves one dead

Another man is injured but expected to recover

Latest: 4:45 pm, 4/24/17, Monday 

CHARLESTON -- Police still don't have a suspect in the weekend's fatal shooting, but they say they have a lot of resources.

Police say they believe there were nearly 200 people at the party where a fight led to a shooting. They say there are probably plenty of people who saw something and they urge those witnesses to come forward.

A student reported guns were pulled out when the fight started. Witnesses have already talked to the police, but they're looking for more to get a clear picture of everything that happened in order to name a suspect.

A preliminary autopsy shows Byron Edingburg died from a gunshot wound to his torso.

Friends and members of the EIU community are playing a candlelight vigil for him. 

Latest: 5:30 pm, 4/23/17, Sunday

CHARLESTON -- Police say it's been several years since they got a call as serious as this. The death of EIU student Byron Edingburg hit hard for his friends, and it's even surprising police.

One officer said the last homicide he could recall in Charleston happened back in 2014. 

Byron Edingburg was shot and killed early Saturday morning off campus. Students say he was at a party when a fight broke out and guns were pulled.

Friends of his say Edingburg was always the peacemaker, and they're shocked this would happen to him.

EIU police say the case is similar to the fatal shooting on the UI campus, in September 2016.

Now, they say they're investigating a crime more serious than they've seen in awhile, and they're hoping some answers come quickly.

"I would definitely say this town is relatively more quiet. This is a very rare incident. It's a very unfortunate event that occurred. That's why we're working with the Charleston Police Department to get this situation resolved as quickly as possible," said EIU Police Officer Stephen Szigethy.

Word of Edingburg's death spread quickly around campus. Almost every student said they either knew of him or knew what happened. His friends said he was getting ready to graduate this year.

EIU president David Glassman released a statement on behalf of the university:

The Eastern Illinois University community is deeply saddened to learn of this tragic incident that resulted in the loss of life of one of our students. Our thoughts and prayers remain with his family and friends.

Update: 4/22/17, 10:30 p.m., Saturday

CHARLESTON -- It was an alarming wake up call for people in an area neighborhood. A shooting left one man dead and another is in the hospital.

It happened in the 1000-block of 7th Street. This is one of two shootings which happened in the same area Saturday. Police responded to both shootings about an hour apart.

In the quiet hours at 2:30 in the morning, neighbors near 7th Street woke up to the sound of gunfire.

"It was like boom boom boom. I was so terrified my heart was pounding. Nothing has ever happened that close to me before."

Police responded to the sound of a gunshot in that area and to another report of shots fired about an hour later a couple blocks down on 12th Street.

Ryan Frazier lives right next door.

He says, "I heard gunshots go off. There were like eight gunshots in a row. It woke my girlfriend up kind of scared her. I thought it was just fireworks at first but then I heard police cars swarming to the scene."

Police found two people shot at a house on 7th. Both were taken to the hospital. 23-year old Byron Edingburg was one of them. Police say he died there. The other person is alive, but his condition is unknown.

Many people who live here, grew up in the neighborhood.

Tim McGinness owns a home down the street.

He says, "I've always lived here, 45 years. This neighborhood has always been safe."

It's leaving many worried for their families, especially their kids. Kristina Brownlee lives across the street on 7th.

She says, "At this point we really don't feel safe. I'm not allowing them to come outside."

McGinness says, "It's just not the same community it was."

Police are still investigating what happened. No suspects have been found so far. 

Original: 2:00 pm, 4/22/17, Saturday

CHARLESTON --  Police are investigating a shooting which left one man dead and another injured. Investigators say it happened in the 1700-block of Seventh Street just before 2:30 am.  

When they arrived they found two men with gunshot wounds. 23-year old Byron Edingburg later died of his injuries at an area hospital.

The second man is expected to live.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers. You can remain anonymous and may earn a cash reward. 

Charleston Police
(217) 345 - 8422
EIU Police
(217) 581 - 3212


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