Decatur Police Arrest Nightclub Shooter

Published 03/31 2012 03:09PM

Updated 03/31 2012 07:14PM

A Decatur man is behind bars after police say he shot five people in a nightclub.

21-year-old Charles L. Fitzpatrick faces attempted first degree murder charges. The shooting happened around 1:30am Saturday morning at Celebrity Nites on N 22nd street. Police say the club was having a busy night and that several fights were starting. That's when Fitzpatrick pulled out a gun and shot several times into the crowd. Five people were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds, but none of their injuries were life-threatening.

Detectives put out a warrant for Fitzpatrick's arrest around 9:30am Saturday. He was arrested a few hours later in the area of Union and Eldorado Street. Fitzpatrick's bail has been set at $1,000,000.

Anyone with more information concerning the shooting is asked to call Crime Stoppers (423-8477) or Decatur Police Detectives (424-2736).

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