Defense tries to shift blame to 14-year old Dillen, Part 2

Published 05/28 2013 04:48PM

Updated 05/29 2013 09:45AM

PEORIA COUNTY -- Violent video games are part of what defense lawyers are using try to prove Christopher Harris is innocent. He's accused of killing five members of one family in 2009. But, Harris says the family's 14-year old son, Dillen Constant, is to blame. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has more from court.

An expert in psychology took the stand Tuesday. He pointed out a number of risk factors Dillen had which could lead to aggressive and violent behavior. One is playing violent video games. Experts say, if a person plays enough, it can encourage him or her to act out more.

Police found copies of Mortal Kombat in Dillen's room. It's a game where you try to kill other characters using gruesome tactics like beating, stabbing or ripping off heads. Records from Dillen's game console show he played Mortal Kombat a few hours before the murders.

The games, plus a slew of other factors, like anti-social behavior, short attention-span and a history of violent behavior, lend to the defense's theory that Dillen killed his family, then tried to kill the defendant, Christopher Harris.

The state isn't buying it though. Prosecutors say a lot of people have some of the same risk factors, without ever being violent.

The defense is expected to wrap up its case Wednesday. Then both sides will present closing arguments Thursday. That's when the jury is expected to get the case and start deliberating on all 38 counts against Harris.

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