Doddy pleads "not guilty"

By Anna Carrera , Lindsey Gordon

Published 07/17 2014 02:43PM

Updated 07/24 2014 10:54AM

Latest: 4:20 pm, 7/23/14, Wednesday
ILLINOIS -- A man accused of killing two people, including a Monticello woman, pleaded not guilty in Lee County Court Wednesday. Terence Doddy is accused of killing Toni Bargman and a coworker.

He's charged with murder, theft and concealing a death. Investigators say Bargman's death happened at the family bathroom at a rest stop near Paw Paw. They say, after Doddy killed Bargman, he locked the door behind him so no one could get in.

Investigators say Doddy choked Bargman and forced her head into the toilet. They say she had water in her lungs. Even though both actions appear to be contributing factors in her death, an official cause hasn't been released.

Authorities say Doddy took Bargman's car and was driving it when he was apprehended. Doddy also appeared in Winnebago County Court Wednesday. Prosecutors from both counties plan to team up to work on the case.
Latest: 10:00 pm, 7/22/14, Tuesday
WINNEBAGO COUNTY -- A Rockford man, accused of murdering two people, faces murder charges in two counties; Winnebago and Lee. Prosecutors held a news conference Tuesday officially charging Terence Doddy with killing two people a few weeks ago.

This is the first time prosecutors have given information about what happened and now they're teaming up for the first time ever to save time and money.

“We're here to discuss the prosecution of Terence Dodd," said Joe Bruscato, the Winnebago County State’s Attorney, at a joint news conference Tuesday.

Prosecutors from Winnebago and Lee counties came together to announce a team-effort to try Doddy for two murders: the death of Todd Hansmeier, where Doddy worked in Winnebago County and Monticello’s Toni Bargman at a rest stop in Lee County.

"Our thought is to try them together so that we conserve resources that we make sure that he has all of the evidence in both cases and that justice can prevail in the end,” said Anna Sacco-Miller, Lee County State’s Attorney.

"Myself, as the State's Attorney of Winnebago County, will appoint designated members of the Lee County State's Attorney's office to join us in the prosecution of Mr. Doddy here in Winnebago County," said Bruscato.

The joint-conference also marks the first time Sacco-Miller has released details on Bargman’s death at the Willow Creek Rest Area near Paw Paw.

“He's charged with 12 counts of first degree murder alleging that he asphyxiated Tonya Bargman by putting his hands around her neck and by stuffing her head in the toilet. It's charged multiple ways with different theories, but it's the same act," said Sacco-Miller.

An autopsy found signs of strangulation and water in her lungs. It does not say exactly what killed her. Doddy is also accused of stealing her car.

In Winnebago County, Doddy is accused of killing Hansmeier by hitting him several times on the head and neck. Prosecutors did not offer any motives, although former co-workers say it might have been drug-related.

For now, Doddy is being held at the Winnebago County Jail. Wednesday, he’ll appear in Lee County court in the morning and Winnebago County court in the afternoon. Prosecutors did not say where he’ll be tried first.

People in Monticello are feeling relieved. The news of Bargman’s murder shocked the small town. One woman says she can breathe easier now that Bargman’s accused killer will be tried.

Bargman worked at Monticello’s Central Illinois Bank.

Update: 4:31 pm, 7/22/14, Tuesday
WINNEBAGO COUNTY -- A Rockford man, accused of murdering two people, wants a new judge. Terence Doddy's public defender made the request Monday. He's being held at the Winnebago County Jail and will go back to court next month.

Police say Doddy killed a Rockford man, then killed Toni Bargman, of Monticello, at a rest stop. Her body was found in a bathroom. Doddy was caught in Wisconsin after being on the run. He was extradited back to Rockford last week.
Original: 2:43 pm, 7/17/14, Thursday
WINNEBAGO COUNTY -- The man police say could be linked to three deaths is back in Rockford. Terence Doddy didn't fight extradition. He was arrested earlier this month in Wisconsin.

Police believe he murdered his best friend, then a Monticello woman at a rest stop a day later. Investigators think he may also be tied to the 1993 murder of his ex-girlfriend.

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