Dodge Caravan Target of Car Thefts

Published 01/18 2012 06:39PM

Updated 01/19 2012 09:47AM

    A rash of car thefts in Champaign, has people on edge. In the last week five cars have been stolen on the northwest side of the city.
    Police say Washington and McKinley along with Western Avenue have been hit several times.
Investigators say the thieves are targeting a certain type of vehicle.
    Leading them to believe all of these thefts are related. Several neighborhoods have been targeted since January 11th.
    The 1000 block of Washington, and the 300 block of Edwin are very close, and have been hit three times alone.
    Nigel Dillman lives near Washington and Mckinley, and said someone tried to break in recently.
    After hearing about these thefts, he and his family will be more cautious.
    "I went and bought these black things that you can put under your door, so if you try the door wont open. So i definitely took precautions, double checked windows," says Nigel Dillman.
    As of January 19th, police do not have suspects, but are following up on leads.
    Patrol officers are on alert, and will drive through these areas more often.
    Sergeant Robert Rey with Champaign Police says 3 of the cars stolen are 2000 model dodge caravans.
    He says a similar rash of thefts like this happened a few months ago where Dodge Intrepids were the target.
    The advice no matter what kind of car you have, is to lock your doors and stay alert.

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