Dog fatally shot during DUI arrest

Published 02/08 2013 02:05PM

Updated 02/12 2013 10:12AM

CHAMPAIGN -- A DUI arrest turned deadly Thursday night. 52-year-old Lisa Ehler was being arrested for driving under the influence outside her home in the 1000-block of West William Street.

That's when police say 41-year-old John Cargo yelled for his pit bull to come outside. Police say Cargo motioned for the dog to attack the officer. As it ran forward, an officer shot and killed it.

Neighbors say police were searching through yards looking for shell casings. It turned their normally quiet and peaceful neighborhood into a crime scene.

Witnesses say they heard a lot of yelling around 11:00 pm. Police received calls about a woman weaving in out and of lanes and running red lights. Callers gave police Ehler's license plate number, and that's what led police to West William Street.

Officers were putting Ehler in cuffs when they say Cargo ordered the pit bull to attack. Fearing an attack, the officer attempted to kick the dog but then shot and killed it.

Neighbors weren't comfortable going on camera, but say but his dog played with their kids and was very friendly. Ehler bonded out. Cargo is still in jail charged with aggravated assault. The incident is being investigated by professional standards at the police department.

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