Dogs rescued and on the mend

By Anna Carrera

Published 12/11 2013 10:05AM

Updated 05/14 2014 04:35PM

Update: 6:16 pm, 12/11/13, Wednesday
DECATUR -- One man and his wife camped out for days to try to rescue a pair of abandoned dogs. On Wednesday, the pit bulls are finally getting the care they need. WCIA-3's Anna Carrera finds out how the dogs are doing.

One needed surgery, but is expected to be OK. Both seem happy to be out of the cold and hanging out with the couple who saved their lives.

When Matthew Tarantino heard two dogs were in danger, he knew he had to help. One wouldn't let them get close, but the other didn't put up much of a fight.

"Dying, cold, shivering in a small, little ball. Not active at all," said Matthew. 

She's doing a lot better now.

"Loving," said Matthew. "'She follows us everywhere. I know. Thank you. I know, you're a sweet girl."

Matthew camped out near a ravine for days, waiting for the second dog. Finally, they found her.

"When I went to go get him, he let me wrap him in a blanket and pick him right up," said Matthew. 

Matthew's wife, Lindsay, was his partner in the rescue.

"These are our babies," said Lindsay. "They're our kids."

While they were out in the cold, she gave the dogs names.

"I don't like calling dogs 'strays,' so they needed names."

She named one of them Isa. It's a German word meaning strong-willed. The one who stayed in the cold a few days longer is named Duron. It's a French word for strong.

"Obviously they're very strong girls," said Lindsay. "To have survived what they survived is amazing."

Dr. Larry Baker says Duron needs surgery for a broken leg and x-rays show the pit bull has two bullets under her fur.

"The x-rays, the dog's personality, the dog's actions, pretty much tell the story," said Dr. Baker. "Probably put some pins up here and then wrap wire around the bones to hold it together."

Now the dogs can be together again.

"Isa just walked right up to the cage and her tail was wagging and she pawed at the door," said Lindsay. "I think she just needed to come in and give Duron kisses and make everything better."

"We're here to give dogs another chance," said Matthew. "We're going to get them healthy, train them up and try to find them homes."

The couple is part of a dog rescue group called Seven Petals. They don't know where the pit bulls came from, but say they could be related.

To find out more about them or help with Duron's medical bills, click here. The vet says Duron should be walking in the next few weeks.
Original: 10:05 pm, 12/10/13, Tuesday
URBANA -- Volunteers from a dog rescue group are trying to save two animals. Sunday, two pit-bulls were spotted in a ravine just off Lincoln Avenue.

Members of Seven Petals Dog Rescue were able to save one of them, but the other is still out there. The group has been in the area for three nights trying to find it.

The missing dog may be hurt; it may have been shot. No one knows where the dogs came from.

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