Dogs Seized from Bad Home

Published 05/15 2012 05:17PM

Updated 05/21 2012 05:18PM

UPDATE 5/21/12

CHARLESTON -- Some rescued pets are finally enjoying a new home.  Twenty-seven dogs were rescued by Coles County Animal Control last week.  Today many of them have a new place to live.  Four yorkies were adopted and three other dogs are living in foster homes.
     There are still plenty of pets looking for love.
    If you would like to adopt one of these adorable animals, call the Coles County Animal Shelter at 217-345-4112 or visit their Facebook page.

Original 5/15/12

CHARLESTON -- Twenty-seven dogs are on the road to recovery tonight.  Just days ago they were living without food, water and a good home but a tip to the Coles County Animal Shelter is giving them a second chance.
    The dogs once belonged to Pat Lynn from Lerna.  She had jack russel terriers, rat terriers, yorkies and a poodle all chained up. Animal control has them now and is hoping you can help.
    "We witnessed several dogs without food, water, the smell of feces and urine was overwhelming.  So we went in with a search warrant and she cooperated with us and signed over twenty-two dogs," said Julie Deters.  She is the manager of the Coles County Animal Shelter.
    But the next day, they had to go back.
    "We went back, heard more dogs in the house, some that I think had been hid so we wouldn't see them," said Deters.
    So those five were seized.  All twenty-seven dogs were covered in their own filth, some with matted hair and other needing food and water.
    "We had a standard poodle that was at the point of having maggots form from all the matting on her rear," said Deters.
    So they vaccinated the dogs, de-wormed them and set them up in a pen.
    "Majority of them now are doing a lot better.  They all jump at the pen now and want your attention," said Deters.
    Animal control hopes you will do the rest.
    "Give them a chance.  Everybody deserves a second chance and these guys do.  They really do," said Deters.
    No charges have been filed against Lynn.  She was charged with cruelty to animals back in 1991.  At that time she was living with twenty-six dogs, two gerbils and a cat.

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