Double shooting: Autopsy shows wife died of gunshot to the head

Published 07/05 2013 04:35PM

Updated 07/08 2013 01:42PM

BETHANY -- People woke up to the sound of sirens Thursday morning, but it wasn't because of holiday festivities. It was a double shooting. Police say a husband and wife were found shot in their home.

It happened in the 1900-block of County Road 225 East. The wife, a 51 year old woman, died Thursday night. An autopsy was performed Friday.

The autopsy shows Denise Robertson died of massive destructive brain trauma due to a single gunshot wound to the head. Robertson's husband, Michael, is at a trauma center but is expected to survive.

Police say he called 911 yesterday morning saying he'd been shot. Police aren't releasing the specifics of what happened. The Robertson's driveway is blocked off with crime scene tape. Neighbors say the two weren't well-known in the community. They say it's scary, but won't stop them from loving their hometown.

"It's a great place to live. We walk everyday. It's just a very wonderful, small, little town. Walking on my lunch hour right now. It's very quiet, you wave at people."

"That's not gonna change?"

"No, no that's not gonna change."

There is a lot of speculation in town about what happened.

Investigators say they are close to releasing more specific information but first have to tie up some loose ends.

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