Dozens of cars slip off slick highways

Published 03/24 2013 10:23PM

Updated 03/25 2013 12:25PM

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- Snow caused some slick conditions as early as Sunday morning in some communities. Dozens of cars slid off Highway 57 and many more were slipping on roads around the county.

"A lot of traffic-riented things. A lot of weather-oriented things," said Champaign Police Officer Jerad Gale. "The best way to avoid a crash is to avoid driving if you can. The more people that are on the roads, the harder it is to drive safely."

Ben Nugent, his wife and best friend took that advice. They spent a good part of the day building a snowman instead.

"We are all done driving," said Nugent. "We got some frozen pizzas yesterday so we're set for that. Hopefully everyone's driving safe."

Authorities said most crashes didn't involve major injuries, but many people were left stranded on the side of the road.

"Towing companies, EMS, they all have the same call volume," said Officer Gale. "It might take us a little bit to get there especially on the highway if the roads are very bad so be prepared and stay in your vehicle and stay warm so you don't get in more trouble than you might already."

Some people said they don't mind the winter weather, but they plan to play it safe and stay off the streets.

"There's two roads to take," said Nugent. "Either fight the snow or enjoy it and if you have to pick one or the other, you might as well pick enjoying the snow."

Traffic was just inching along at some places around Champaign County. Police said that's the best advice: if you have to be driving out there, just take it slow.

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