Drive-in celebrates reopening night

Published 03/29 2013 08:52PM

Updated 04/01 2013 11:27AM

Update: 8:45 pm, 3/29/13, Friday
GIBSON CITY -- The show is going on for the Harvest Moon Drive-In. Car after car lined up to see loyalty pay off. Many people donated to the drive-in to make sure opening night would happen and to make sure their tradition stayed alive.

"We've been coming to the drive-in for several years now. It's a regular Friday night thing for us," said Sally Peters. 

It's something she and her husband Greg couldn't imagine giving up.

"Brings back a lot of memories. I mean, my parents brought me to the drive-in when I was a kid," said Greg. 

"We donated so they could do their improvements,"said Sally.

Many people who waited in Friday night's line did. The theater needed about $120,000 to install new projectors. Without them, it would have to close but the community wasn't going to let that happen.

"I just can't imagine not being able to come here," said Greg.

"It's a fun place and people enjoy it and without their support we wouldn't be here," said owner Michael Harroun.

It's an investment he says was worth it.

"We literally have the IMAX under the stars, we really do," said Harroun.

He's been through more than 20 season openings but this one felt different.

"Believe it or not, I have butterflies in my stomach," said Harroun.

A feeling everyone can share.

"We didn't want to loose the drive-in," said Sally.

"It's just a nice way to have some family time together," said Greg.

"It just told me that they really wanted us to keep going," said Harroun. 

You won't just notice new projectors at the drive in, you'll also notice new prices. The theater is now charging $1.00 more for adults. They're also charging people for bringing in outside food. People who do will have to purchase a $5.00 food permit. They'll get a coupon for the concession stand in return.

Original: 10:24 pm, 3/28/13, Thursday

GIBSON CITY -- After months of fundraising and thousands of dollars in upgrades, a drive-in theater is ready for its next show. The Harvest Moon Drive-In will reopen Friday night.

Monday's snowstorm threatened to delay it. Nearly 1,000 people pitched in more than $150,000 for upgrades and improvements.

Its first shows will be G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Oz: The Great and Powerful.

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