Driver arrested for DUI after running car into home

By Lindsey Gordon

Published 08/09 2014 10:07PM

Updated 08/11 2014 10:50AM

URBANA -- A man says a drunk driver crashed through his home in the 200-block of Dodson Drive Saturday morning. It’s a sight no homeowner wants to see, but it could have been worse.

"A car had driven into our house, our home," said Roberto Santiago.

Santiago wasn’t home when he got the call. It happened around 4:30 am. He was concerned for his wife and brother. His brother stays in the room where the car smashed through the wall.

"If he would have been in there, I guarantee he would have been in the hospital. There is no way he would have come out of that," said Santiago.

Just a room away, his wife was sleeping. Police told Santiago she was a few feet from possibly being hurt.

"If he wouldn't have gone through the fence first, it would have been worse, because the beams of the fence going into the ground slowed him down just enough," he said.

The hole in his home has now been temporarily patched.

The driver, 23-year old Andrew Shannon, was arrested on DUI charges. While Santiago is relieved, he hopes Shannon will make better decisions in the future.

"I just hope he learns his lesson. If someone would have been hurt, it would have been a lot different," he said.

But no one was hurt. Although Santiago’s family is shaken, he knows luck was on their side.

"How could something like this happen and nobody get hurt?" he asked.

According to the Champaign County Sheriff’s Department, Shannon was also ticketed for improper lane usage and driving without a license.

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