Driver faces charges for snagging utility lines

By Anthony Antoine |

Published 08/17 2014 10:58PM

Updated 08/19 2014 06:24PM

Update: 5:02 pm, 8/19/14, Tuesday
HOOPESTON -- A semi-driver is facing charges for clipping cable and phone lines this weekend. Jeremy Coffey is charged with DUI and possession of meth. Police say Coffey drove his semi through the utility lines on McNeil Street. He kept driving, snapping about ten poles along the way. He told investigators he was dropping off a friend in the area.
Original: 10:58 pm, 8/17/14, Sunday
HOOPESTON -- A semi-truck clipped a low-hanging cable and phone cord line. The driver kept going, taking nearly ten utility poles with him. It happened in the 600-block of McNeil Street around 3 pm.

Crews were able to get some of the cable and phone lines put back on within the hour, but not before the broken utility poles did some damage.

Michelle Weber and her kids were getting ready to head to a friend's baby shower.

She says, "We just heard a loud crash."

They had no idea what happened.

"When we looked down there, there was a semi that had drove through and caught the wires," says Weber.

Streets were covered in wires and some of the poles they were connected to broke; about ten total.

"All the poles in the whole alley, everything was laying on the roof of my vehicle and wrapped around my house," says Weber.

Amanda Baird left her car in Weber's driveway.

Baird says, "It was just a big old mess. The pole was laying in the bed of my truck busted out the window, part of the short bed is a apart."

Witnesses say multiple people were inside the semi at the time and they watched and waited for police to arrive.

Larry Coon is a witness. He says "He had two passengers, but they ran out and took off and they found drugs in the truck."

Coon saw officers take the driver into custody. Police aren't saying if the driver was under the influence.

As for Michelle Weber, she's grateful her kids weren't outside when it happened.

"Nobody was hurt, so were thankful for that," says Weber.

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