Drivers encouraged to use nearby light to ease congestion

By Erica Quednau |

Published 11/13 2013 04:46PM

Updated 11/13 2013 05:27PM

DANVILLE -- Drivers are frustrated because a new store is tying up traffic. The new Meijer just opened last week. Since then, turning left onto Vermilion Road is causing some back up. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau has more.

About lunchtime, some cars were stuck for a good two minutes or so. But some people say, when it's really busy, drivers can be waiting up to 15-minutes.

In your car and on the road, it seems like everyone's in a hurry.

"Someone's going to die."

Patty Carlton is a manager at Tractor Supply Company. It's right next to the city's newest grocery store.

"We finally have a business in town that's going to help us boost, but yet, we can't get our customers in and out and get them in and out safely."

Carlton says, since it's opened, cars keep trying to turn left from this driveway between her store and the Meijer Gas Station.

"There's been times people have sat at this intersection, five, ten, sometimes fifteen minutes trying to get out across traffic."

Danville's urban services director says he's aware of the problem and it's something city officials expected which is why they built a road from Meijer to this light.

"We've been trying to tell our customers to take the frontage road to take them up to Kohl's to the light, to help solve some of this problem here."

City leaders urge Meijer to do the same.

"My concern, for my team members and my customers, is getting out of this lot without losing their life. We need something here to help control this traffic."

The urban services director says the congestion is just part of an adjustment period. Right now, customers are looking for the quickest way out instead of the easiest. He anticipates people will soon realize the light by Kohl's is much better to use.

A "No Left Turn" sign would be up to Meijer and the state. A light can't be installed because it would be too close to the other one.

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