Drivers ticketed for accidents

By Anna Carrera

Published 08/18 2014 04:01PM

Updated 08/19 2014 05:36PM

Latest: 5:02 pm, 8/19/14, Tuesday
VERMILION COUNTY -- Two drivers were ticketed after a crash on I-74 Monday. Beth Bagby was struck first in a hit-and-run. Then, she was hit again by a truck and trailer carrying fireworks. She was ticketed for not slowing down to avoid an accident. Jacob Gorski, who was driving the truck with the fireworks, was ticketed for not having a valid driver's license. No one was seriously hurt in either crash.
Update: 6:00 pm, 8/18/14, Monday
VERMILION COUNTY -- This morning brought some major headaches for people trying to drive on I-74. They had to be rerouted after two separate accidents between Oakwood and Fithian. No serious injuries were reported. WCIA-3's Anna Carrera has more.

It brought a lot of extra traffic into those areas. People living around here say they're used to seeing extra cars every once in awhile after a crash on the highway.

But, for drivers who were just passing through, this put an extra bump in the road for their trip. There was a lot more stop than go after a couple crashes on I-74.

"We got here and we ended up in this little jam."

First there was a hit-and-run. Then another accident happened.

"Another vehicle that had been parked in the shoulder pulled out onto the interstate and was struck by a pickup truck towing a camper-trailer."

That trailer belonged to a fireworks technician who had about five pounds of firework materials inside. Some of it ended up on the highway.

"Some of the components in there don't react well to shock or to movement and the vehicle's obviously overturned."

Many drivers weren't sure what to do when they got off their planned path.

"We don't stop overnight here. Usually, we just make the trip through the day here, so didn't know what was happening. Didn't know where we were going to be routed."

But, even after waiting, they were glad to get back on the road safely on the other side.

An Oakwood gas station was celebrating its first anniversary Monday. Workers there said they had a lot more people stopping by than usual to celebrate with them.
Original: 4:01 pm, 8/18/14, Monday
VERMILION COUNTY -- When a truck hauling fireworks crashed Monday morning, first responders took extra precautions to keep everyone safe. Investigators made drivers take a detour.

They kept them off a six-mile stretch of I-74 between the Oakwood and Fithian exits. Both directions were closed. As far as we know, there were no serious injuries.

There was another crash before the fireworks truck got involved. State Police say they first responded for reports of a hit-and-run. As they were working that investigation, someone who had pulled over onto the shoulder, got back on the highway. That vehicle got hit by the truck with a fireworks trailer.

The man driving it was a fireworks technician. Investigators say he had all the necessary paperwork, but with possible explosives on the highway, they didn't want to take any chances.

Investigators called the UI Bomb Squad to check everything. It was expected to take several hours. Firefighters and other first responders were also on hand just in case. Traffic was rerouted for hours.

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