Drivers unhappy with wait for rough road repairs

By Lindsey Gordon , Amanda Porterfield |

Published 06/27 2014 12:51PM

Updated 07/09 2014 11:19AM

Latest: 10:07 pm, 7/8/14, Tuesday
MONTICELLO -- It continues to be a bumpy ride for some drivers in Piatt County. The people who use Monticello Road are upset after learning it will take two years before the road is fixed because of funding.

Heat is causing the road to buckle in several places. The county is temporarily patching spots; trying to help. But, for one man, the daily drive on his motorcycle is a pain.

The State Transportation Department will pay for most of the $4 million project. Each time the county patches the road, it costs up to $10,000.
Update: 10:13 pm, 7/1/14, Tuesday
PIATT COUNTY -- Monticello Road is going to get a makeover. The news comes one week after it buckled and had to be shutdown for several hours. The road will be resurfaced at a cost of more than $4 million. Federal money will pay for most of the work with Piatt County picking up the rest; about 20%. While it needs to be done, work won't start until 2016.
Original: 10:07 pm, 6/26/14, Thursday
MONTICELLO -- More road problems in Central Illinois. Heat buckled Monticello Road Thursday, blocking traffic for hours. This is what the road looked like. Farmers were directing traffic until workers shut it down.

It took the highway department four hours to fix. They say moisture gets under the cement and, when it's that hot, the moisture expands, causing the road to open. It's the second time it's happened on Monticello road this summer.

Last year, it happened five times. The road is on the list for complete repairs in 2016.

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