Elderly woman scammed out of thousands

Published 02/06 2013 10:45PM

Updated 02/07 2013 11:07AM

CHAMPAIGN -- A woman is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from her elderly patient.

"She was doing everything in her power to get every bit of money," says Judy Deahn who paid attention and found out the woman taking care of her mother-in-law may have scammed her out of thousands.

Police arrested Jennifer Phillips. She's accused of using her patient's credit card and writing herself checks. Almost $9,000 was missing. The family has known her for more than 10 years and they say they never saw it coming.

Susie Deahn is 93 years old. She can't see too well but is sharp as a tack. However, now she's puzzled, and pretty cross.

"I trusted you and look what you did to me. I have bad feelings toward her now," says Susie.

Jennifer Philips practically grew up with this family, and when she fell on hard times, they let her move in.

"I really thought I had it made. I had somebody to take care of me and I was able to give shelter to someone else. That was a the deal," says Susie.

But that deal went south.

"It was kind of like just intuition. Something was nagging and nagging. She's always got money," says Judy.

Susie's daughter-in-law followed her intuition, and found Susie's credit card was maxed out and checks had been written.

"Physically, I am alright from it and she didn't really wipe me out financially. But it's just a mix of emotions," says Susie.

"I'm very upset about it. Jennifer was the girl that I never had. She's only a couple years older than my younger son, and she screwed me," says Judy.

Judy admits they shouldn't have given the women so much access. She had pin numbers, credit card and social security information. Police say she told them she's done nothing wrong.

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