Employers barred from requesting passwords

Published 08/01 2012 06:12PM

Updated 08/01 2012 06:14PM

SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois' employers may have a tougher time looking up potential candidates online. They're not allowed to ask for passwords to sites like Facebook or Twitter anymore.

It was becoming an issue for people around the country looking for jobs. They'd apply then be asked to provide social media usernames and passwords.

Now, they won't have to provide that information because of a new law signed by Governor Quinn. It bans employers from asking current employees and potential hires for that info.

Genette Comstock, with Manpower, an unemployment agency, applauds the new policy. She says no one should be allowed to have access to people's private profiles.

Critics say it's an employer's right to access that kind of information to see what a candidate is truly like. Now, even though you won't have to provide usernames or passwords anymore, your name can still be searched for online. So, if your Facebook or Twitter page is made public, you may want to remove anything damaging, or just make it private.

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