Enjoying a white day-after-Christmas

Published 12/26 2012 06:09PM

Updated 12/26 2012 06:29PM

CHARLESTON -- Wednesday's flurries made it feel like a winter wonderland.

We saw a few families at Kiwanis Park in Charleston. One of them was introducing their daughter to the snow for the first time. But whether it was the first time or the fiftieth, families had fun dashing through the snow.

"It's just great to have fun, exercise, fresh air, instead of sitting at home," said Alanna Webb.

Those couple of inches were enough to keep others inside. Not too many people were out and about downtown Charleston.

"There's not a lot of foot traffic," said Ellana Swanson, who owns Swanson Jewelers. "We've only had a few customers. Either they're staying home because it's cold or they just don't want to get out because of the weather or they're out sledding."

Winds whipped through trees around town. And slushy snow sat on the roads, waiting for plow drivers to push it aside.

"I enjoy the snow," said Swanson. "If you talk about it too much with the customers here, they don't care for it. Especially the ones who live out in the country because they have to drive through it and it's a little inconvenient for them."

But many said they aren't too worried about slick streets. And families enjoyed celebrating this day after Christmas.

"We came before the snow came and we're going to leave after Hopefully. Yeah we'll be here a day or two more so we should be fine," said Webb. 

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