Eyewitness testifies in Beason murder trial, Part 1

Published 05/14 2013 05:02PM

Updated 05/14 2013 05:29PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- Eyewitnesses testified in the mass murder trial of Christopher Harris Tuesday. Prosecutors say Harris killed five members of the Gee family in 2009. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has more from inside the trial.

A neighbor took the stand as the first person to testify and provide perspective about what happened in Beason the night of the massacre. He says he was at home and heard a car come through town he'd never heard before. It made him angry, so he went outside to check it out about midnight.

He described a gray Ford pickup truck with two people inside. It drove around for about ten minutes, looked like it was heading back out of town, then stopped at the Gee home. He never saw it leave.

The neighbor says he didn't see or hear anything else happen that night. But, his testimony does provide a better idea of a time frame. He says he went back in his home about 12:15, just before the truck stopped at the Gee's.

It would mean Harris was there for about an hour. The neighbor isn't the only eyewitness expected to testify. Christopher's brother, Jason, will also take the stand for the prosecution.

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