Eyewitness testifies in Beason murder trial, Part 2

Published 05/14 2013 05:02PM

Updated 05/14 2013 06:24PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- Prosecutors offered more evidence they say ties Christopher Harris to the murders of five members of a Beason family. Forensic crime scene experts took the stand Tuesday. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has more from the courtroom.

The day started with testimony from a fingerprint expert who took samples from inside the crime scene. She showed jurors what she found and why it points the finger at Harris.

We learned about three different kind of prints. The first are ones you can't see right away. Those are the ones you have to dust for. Harris was a match for some found on the inside of Justina's bedroom window and on the Gee's laptop.

The second type you can see. It's like if you had ink on your hand, then touch something. In this case, instead of ink, the prints were left in blood. Harris' bloody palm print was on the master bathroom sink where Austin was found. Dillen's fingerprint was found on the family's front door.

There were many more throughout the house, but police couldn't make positive ID's on many of them. The third kind is like a 3D print. Think putting your hand in clay. It leaves an actual imprint with height and width and depth. That's part of how police matched Harris' shoes and tires, because they left impressions in the soft dirt in the Gee's driveway.

All of it is to prove Harris was inside the Gee home. But, the defense says, we already know that, since Harris admits being there that night, and lots of other times while he was married to Rick's oldest daughter, Nicole.

We're also learning about the blood found throughout the crime scene. It will help prosecutors paint a picture of what happened to victims inside the house.

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