Families get new home for the holidays

Published 12/12 2012 06:04PM

Updated 12/12 2012 06:22PM

CHAMPAIGN -- Four families will have new homes for the holidays. They've all been a part of the Women In Transition program. After all they have gone through, the families are hoping to get a little stability.

"It's been amazing," said Lynelle Loy. "My entire life has changed. For the last two years, my life has been great."

That's because Loy has spent the past two years getting and staying sober. When she first started with the Center for Women in Transition, her family had to split up.

"We lived in one foster home together," said Loy's daughter, Lydia. "Then we got separated in another foster home."

They got back together last year in an apartment the center helped them afford. Now they'll start putting down roots in a place they can call their own.

"They're getting to be that age," said Loy. "They need their own space and their own rooms."

The new home isn't free but a grant will make the bills a little more manageable.

"It feels good to actually pay bills and stuff," said Loy. "I used to avoid being responsible but I don't mind being responsible at all today. Life is really good."

And they hope it only gets better from here. The four homes the families are moving in to are replacing buildings that had to be condemned or demolished. So it's bringing new life to the neighborhood and the families who live there. 

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