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Families recovering after their homes were flooded again

WATSEKA, Ill. (WCIA) -- It could be the flood of the decade and it's why the governor declared a state of disaster for some counties.

Large areas of Watseka are underwater after heavy rainfall this week and many say the flooding is the worst they've seen in more than 10 years.

It's displaced nearly a hundred people in Watseka from their homes.

Officials hope the worst is over, so they can focus on the cleanup.

For many in Watseka, it's a familiar nightmare watching the water come rushing in to their homes once again.

"We've got water in the house, it was about knee deep."

Cisco Torres is no stranger to flooding.

"It's very stressful."

In 2008.. he and his family were living on the opposite side of town.

"It's worse than it was the last time."

He's since moved, but mother nature has dealt them another hand.    

Torres says this time they knew they had to act fast.

"You can never ever be prepared for something like this, it just came so fast."

But they didn't come away unscathed. They say they had more damage this time around and one of their pets died.

"Trying to keep strong about it is very hard."

But they're not in this fight alone.

"We're all in the same boat"

He's one of nearly one hundred people in Watseka getting help from the Red Cross.

Kathi Knope is a volunteer and she says they're providing food and shelter for those affected.

"They need extra help."

"They're just at their wits end, they don't know what they're doing and it's really frustrating for them."

But Cisco Torres is confident the town will pull together.

"We get to talk to each other and share our feelings"

He has a message for other flood victims.

"Have some faith that you'll make it through it."

The Red Cross says they'll be in Watseka until people can get back on their feet. Emergency management officials say they think the worst is over.. now they're focused on the cleanup.

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