Family battling to keep military truck, again

By Gary Brode |

Published 08/06 2014 09:30PM

Updated 08/07 2014 10:26AM

CHAMPAIGN -- A family is in a legal battle with the city over a military truck. The zoning department believes the truck is too big, but the family says it has proof from the state that it's not. WCIA-3's Gary Brode tells us a familiar story.

Three years ago, the Harmon family was told by the city their truck was too big and it needed to be removed. The argument led to a zoning change. Now the family and Champaign officials are back at it.

"The Harmon family truck is back home."

The family has owned the truck for five years. Most of that time they've been fighting to keep it.

Harmon says, "I don't know why they keep coming after this military truck."

City zoning says a vehicle must have a class D license and weigh less than 12,000 pounds. To get a class D license, the vehicle must be under 12,000 pounds, so Harmon spent about $2,000 to make the truck lighter and got the proper license from the state.

Harmon says, "It was done as far as I was concerned."

The city isn't satisfied. Planning and Development Director Bruce Knight says the state license process isn't good enough. Now the city wants the family to weigh the truck in front of zoning board members to prove the weight is in compliance, but Harmon believes she has done enough.

Harmon says, "I've jumped through so many hoops and we spent so many hours on this, that the state of Illinois gave me a D plate and you want me to jump through another hoop?"

Harmon and her attorney argue the wording in the ordinance says a class D license or under 12,000 pounds is enough. It's a battle the family will keep fighting.

"It's a beautiful piece of history," Cynthia Harmon adds, "This is a part of our family."

The zoning department has passed off the case to the attorney's office. There's been no deadline for when the city will make the Harmon's weigh the truck.

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