Family builds frozen fortress

By Anna Carrera

Published 02/19 2014 10:35PM

Updated 02/20 2014 09:10AM

EDGAR COUNTY -- We've seen it all the past couple months: sub-zero temperatures, ice storms and snow so high school had to be canceled. We've caught up with people sledding, building snowmen and things like that. But the Shewey family is taking this weather to a whole new level.

Snowy streets have kept 9-year old Treston Jones home for more than a week's worth of class this winter. It's been too cold lately to do much outside. Staying cooped up indoors isn't the Shewey family's favorite thing, but they've been rolling with it. After a couple months of it, even the grown-ups started getting cabin fever.

"We've seen snow for too long, I think," said Treston's step-dad, Adam Shewey. "It's time for it to go away."

So when it kept coming, they got a few ideas. They started by building a snowman, but there was still lots left.

"We were playing in the snow and I thought we could have a little snowball fight," said Treston. "But the snow wasn't good enough so we decided to make a fort."

"Never have done it before," said Adam. "I just figured, start hauling it out and was going to work with it."

They worked on it for five days. Now that they're done, their igloo is pretty roomy, with space to sit and places to explore. Putting it all together took the whole family.

"I never would even thought it would be something like that," said Adam.

People driving by stop to take pictures with the giant pile.

"Student council looked at it and said it was pretty cool," said Treston. "I think it's just amazing. It's been so small and went so big."

It's still pretty big now, but Mother Nature has started to make it shrink.

"I'll be a little disappointed but I just think of how hard we worked on it and how much effort we put into it," said Treston.

So even after the snow disappears, this winter will be one the Shewey's never forget.

Since the igloo is so close to their home, it doesn't get too much direct sunlight. So Treston says he hopes it stays at least another month so they can keep playing there.

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