Family gets unexpected medical help

Published 10/10 2012 10:31PM

Updated 10/11 2012 11:23AM

COLES COUNTY -- A man in need gets some unexpected help after healthcare changes block him from getting life-saving medicine.

"The chronic liver disease is what at the moment can kill him," says Margi Craig, but after fighting through the state's red tape, her husband has more time.

Medicare reform has put limits on the amount of prescriptions people get per month. Tuesday, we told you about John Craig.

He couldn't get the medicine he needs to stay alive. But, after our story he got some unexpected help. State Representative Chapin Rose made a few phone calls, and in just a few hours, he got farther than the Craig's did in several days.

John has a host of health problems. Just for liver disease, he takes $9,500 worth of pills per month. After the changes getting more than 4 refills has to be approved. Craig signed up but says the doctors office claimed it would be weeks before it went through.

Chapin Rose called the Department of Human Resources and found out they could have gotten the medication. There was a miscommunication and they got their refill just in time.

"It's just sad that people have to fight for what they need. I know there's people out there that abuse the system, but I don't  think everyone should suffer for what some do. He's got a lot to live for. We're not letting him go, not any time soon," says Margi.

Rose says they applied for approval on October 1, 2012, and got it on the 4th. Somewhere in the week that information got lost. He's not sure how or why but says the state is still working out the system's kinks.

Craig says they still need help. The liver medication was the only one of 12 other prescriptions which aren't covered. She had to pay $95 for one and that times twelve. It's money they just don't have.

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