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Family says pipe bombs were planted

CLARENCE, Ill. (WCIA) -- Five pipe bombs were found at a home and the family who lives there says they were planted. They were found at a home in the 100-block of Main Road.

While first responders were on scene, the FBI, Homeland Security and UI Bomb Squad were called to the location and stayed until the bombs were detonated Tuesday morning.

The woman who lives in the home says she cried each time a bomb was neutralized, saying she kept wondering what would have happened if her kids had run into one before they were found.

You could drive the length of Main Road in one breath if you tried.

"It's really nothing. It's pretty dead out here."

Tim Nicholson is one of many neighbors with the same sentiment.

"People stay to themselves and it's nice and quiet in the evenings."

But, that all changed when law enforcement arrived en masse.

"My wife called the neighbor and she said the bomb squad was down there and I was like, 'Holy smokes! What do we need bombs in our neighborhood for?'"

People who live in the home say five pipe bombs were planted.

"We never see any lights or nothing and, all of a sudden, you got bombs."

They say a sheriff's deputy was called to their home after an anonymous caller reported suspicious activity in the back.

"The family says they escorted a deputy into their backyard, they led him right here to this shed. They said, when they opened the doors, a bomb was laying right on the ground. Someone was building bombs. That's scary enough, but when someone is planting them around your house for a reason, that's, I don't know, I hope they find out who did it and take care of that."

The family says the bombs were left in two black bags they'd never seen before. One had nails taped to it. Tracks from the bomb squad robot trace where the bombs were picked up, then moved to be detonated.

"It's kind of spooky."

Neighbors say, one thing is for sure, this small town is now on the map.

"Just keep my eyes open from now on, keep my porch light on."

Neighbors were too scared to go on camera. One woman says she was scared of potential backlash and didn't want to be next. The FBI is handling the ongoing investigation.

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