Family told to pack bags of airport business

Published 11/28 2012 05:30PM

Updated 11/28 2012 06:23PM

EDGAR COUNTY -- A Paris dad says his 17-month old was banned from his workplace. Rusty Bogue says his daughter was ousted because his wife breastfeeds her. He and his wife work at the Edgar County Airport. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley looks at the effect on the family-run business.

They perform aircraft management and handle everything from crop dusting to flying lessons. They work 24/7 and bring their daughter along. But, they say their family values are the reason they're losing business.

"I didn't wait to have children until I'm 32 years old to not raise them myself."

It's why Bogue brings his daughter to work with him. His wife works as a nurse two days a week. The other three, she's working as a bookkeeper at the airport. His wife still breastfeeds the baby; something that is legal in Illinois.

"He said, 'it's been going on for awhile and I'm not going to allow it anymore.'"

Airport manager Jimmy Wells says breastfeeding was never the issue. He says he warned the family the airport was not a daycare and that's the reason the child couldn't be there.

"That's not an option I can live or work with. The baby is never unattended. The baby has her mother with her and her father with her."

Bogue and his father fought this. They went to the county board and tried to spread the word throughout the community.

But, then, "Mr. Wells commented that he had something for me."

It was a letter telling the Bogue family they had until December to move their business out of the airport.

"This is horrible, this is a horrible Christmas. My family is kind enough to me to follow me around throughout my work day, and in between appointments, I may get some time with my daughter and that's how I get to interact with her."

Now this father isn't letting go without a fight. Wells says it's not the only reason they're being forced to leave the airport. He says he's been having issues with the family for a while, but he couldn't elaborate what the problems were.

As for the Bogue's, they hope support from the community will help the situation. Wells maintains the decision is final and the family must be out by December 31.

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