Family trying to cope with shooting

By Anthony Antoine |

Published 07/02 2014 05:21AM

Updated 07/02 2014 05:15PM

Update: 4:25 pm
URBANA -- An 8-year old boy is recovering after being shot in the head with a modified flare gun. Police say the little boy's 15-year old relative shot him. The family says it was an accident. It happened Tuesday night in a home in the 800-block of Hawthorne Street. WCIA-3's Anthony Antoine has more.

The family says the boy is in good condition. Doctors removed part of his skull, but his brain is functioning as good as can be expected. But, the last few hours have been stressful for the family.

"I heard like a pop. It did not sound like a gun, but then my son comes running downstairs saying, 'It's an emergency! It's an emergency!'"

It's a day Ida Webster would like to forget.

"He had little Deon in his arms and the blood was just running."

Webster's adopted son shot her grandson in the head. She was shocked when police showed her the weapon.

"I said, 'What is that?' because it looked like a water gun. It was orange."

Police say the weapon was a flare gun which was modified to fire a single shotgun shell.

"I know it was an accident so I don't know why they arrested my son."

Police say the 15-year old told them he knocked a backpack off a table and heard the loud sound. Lieutenant Bryant Seraphin says the teen's story didn't add up.

"The angles and the trajectory with his statement, versus what the physical evidence showed at the scene. The other issue was there should have been more damage in the room on objects that were not damaged."

Webster is not happy about how her son was questioned.

"I wanted to go down there with him. They say I didn't have to come. I sent my son-in-law. They wouldn't let him in with him."

Police read him his rights. They say the teen understood the law, so police moved forward with questioning without an adult present.

Ida Webster wishes none of this would have happened.

"I can't do this no more."

The teen is charged as a juvenile with reckless discharge of a firearm. He was released back to his parents Wednesday.

The investigation is ongoing. Authorities say they found a loaded handgun in the same room where the shot was fired.

The State's Attorney says it isn't against the law to question a minor without an adult present. Officials say they followed procedure because a juvenile officer was in the room at the time of questioning.
Original: 5:20 am
URBANA -- About 9:50 pm, Monday, police responded to a report of an 8-year old boy being struck in the head by gunfire. The incident took place in the 800-block of Hawthorne.

Officers arrived and found the child with an obvious head wound. The victim’s injuries were not life-threatening, but he was taken for surgery at the hospital. The victim resides at 808 Hawthorne.

A 15-year old family member stated he knocked a backpack off of a table and there was a loud sound and the child was then observed with the injury. Officers conducted interviews and inspected the scene and evidence.

An interview was conducted with the 15-year old at the Urbana Police Department. Due to several inconsistencies between what was observed at the scene and the teen’s account, he was arrested and taken to the Champaign County Juvenile Detention Center.

The gun involved is a maritime flair gun which had been home modified to accept and fire a single .410 gauge shotgun round. Charges are pending a review of by the Champaign County State’s Attorney.

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