Family welcomes home soldier

Published 09/08 2012 05:08PM

Updated 09/10 2012 09:49AM

DANVILLE -- A soldier is reunited with his family. For the first time, he gets to stay with his daughter.

The 21-year-old was deployed to Afghanistan. Now his family is throwing him a homecoming party they hope he never forgets.

"It's kind of miserable." It's how Kane Arlington describes his time overseas. He was a part of  "Drawdown Mission," helping return thousands of troops home.

"It's every mother's nightmare. Just wish for the best, do a lot of praying and wait for him to come back home," said his mother Laura Decker.

Arlington had to miss the birth of his daughter Anabel.

"It was pretty hard, didn't want to do it at all."

Arlington was overseas for four months. But for his mother, it seemed like decades.

"The first thing I did was thank God that I didn't have one of the bad stories. I ended up with one of the good stories," Decker said.

That is what this family is focusing on, the good. His wife and mother-in-law have been planning the party for weeks. Balloons, streamers and a room full of family celebrate this soldier.

"The troops need more support from people. I don't think they get enough," said mother-in-law Noreen Curry.

Kane has only been home for a week. The sights and smells of Afghanistan are still very much alive for him.

"If I don't do it, someone else is going to have to. If I can keep someone else from going over there, I did my part," Arlington said.

He did his part not just for his little girl, but for everyone back home.

"It's just good to be home. It was short deployment, but, I'd rather be home."

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