Farmer still going after injury

Published 06/20 2012 08:52AM

Updated 06/20 2012 10:30AM

PARIS -- Farming is one of the top five most dangerous jobs and one is living proof. Delmar Bell is one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. Bell was electrocuted on the job 28 years ago and it changed his life in a big way.

"When i was growing up I wanted to farm I had a grandfather who farmed cousins farmed and I always wanted to do it," says Bell.

It's on his own farm where Bell is in his element, but now he does what he loves without his arms.

"It's the middle of harvest, 6:30 in the morning and we were kind of rushed we just started moving that auger. We came in contact with a 7200 volt power line and was electrocuted. It burned my arms off and it killed him."

That didn't stop Bell from getting a prosthetic arm, and jumping back onto his tractor. Now, ha
rvesting 350 acres of corn and beans and tending to 75 cows.

"I had to learn things all over again. Even though I knew how to do them with two hands. I had to learn how to do things different with one hook," says Bell.
Things like write his name, dial a cellphone and drive with his knees.

"I'm not one to give up that easy," says Bell.

120,000 farmers survive an injury each year. Injuries that should have been prevented like Bell's.

"If we were safety minded that morning before we moved that auger we would have seen what our hazards were," says Bell. "There's a couple things that I miss not having arms. One is shaking hands, or holding hands with my wife or giving her a hug," says Bell.

Bell may never have arms to give another hug but by standing tall he's setting an example that reaches people everyday.

"There's a reason for it there's a reason for the accident. I don't know what the reason is sometimes i want to think its for me getting out and people seeing me that I'm not letting this accident get me down maybe that's lifts them up to say well if he can do it surely I can do it," says Bell.

Bell says he's had a 1/2 dozen prosthetic arms, one of which was electric, he never used it. That's why he donated it to Haiti when the earthquake hit.

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