Farmers hope to stay ahead of Mother Nature

Published 02/18 2013 04:53PM

Updated 02/18 2013 06:35PM

TOLONO -- Farmers around the state hope this year won't see a repeat of last year's summer drought. It's still cold outside, but farmers are already getting their machines in order and gearing up for planting season. Weather makes all the difference in the fields. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw finds out how farmers are preparing for what's to come.

Farmers say, "if you don't like Illinois' weather, wait a few days, because it will change." Last season on Fisher Farm was tough.

"The faucet turned off, the oven went higher and it cooked our crops."

Fisher wasn't alone. 2012's drought hit the entire Midwest hard. It was one of the largest in more than 50-years with some farmers calling their fields a total loss.

"A whole list of things have gone wrong. We start out the year thinking it's good, but then Mother Nature shows she's the one who's really in control."

There no telling if Mother Nature will take the same path this year, but Fisher is keeping that in perspective.

"There are things you can do like buy drought-tolerant hybrids, planting earlier so you can pollinate before the hottest part of the summer."

Until then, he's staying optimistic.

"We don't believe it until we see it. We're like Missouri, 'show me.'"

Irrigation systems are also an option, but an expensive one. A huge water source is needed and it takes time to build.

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