Fatty diet could cause ADHD?

Published 02/19 2013 03:56PM

Updated 02/19 2013 05:53PM

CHAMPAIGN -- A UI study shows a bad diet could cause a lot more than a big waist line. Students found it could cause ADHD.

They're the first to find these results. The team was made up of students and doctors. They took two young mice and put one on a high fat diet.

The group found that mouse showed the same symptoms of kids with ADHD. It was anxious and had problems learning. The group gave it Ritalin, then the symptoms went away. The group hopes this correlation between a fatty diet and ADHD, will be a wake up call for parents.

"Diseases that impact our children are especially heart-wrenching. It's very important to society to understand on a mechanistic base as to why these things occur so that we can come up with appropriate recommendations," Gregory Freund, M.D. said.

Now the students will study which fat affects chemicals changes in the brain. They hope the findings of this study will help with ADHD research.

More than anything, researchers behind the study hope this shows parents what they give their kids could not only affect them physically, but could have damaging mental repercussions too.

All of this was published in the medical journal, ScienceDirect.com. 

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