FBI holds explosive training for local law enforcement

Published 04/29 2013 06:03PM

Updated 04/29 2013 06:19PM

CHAMPAIGN -- Dozens of first responders from around Central Illinois took serious training Monday. It's part of an annual FBI workshop on bombs and explosives. Officers, EMT's and firefighters got hands-on training. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw was there.

The FBI holds the workshop 2 - 3 times a year because a lot of the explosives can be made with things you find at your local hardware stores. Especially after the Boston bombings, they want to make sure law enforcement knows what red flags to look for.

Dealing with bombs is part of Lt. Steve Tramme's job. But, it's not always the case for some of these first responders.

"The training is to give awareness to local law enforcement, EMS, firefighters."

Dozens are here, some from as far away as McLean County for the training. It's put on by the FBI and UIPD Bomb Squad.

"We introduce them to the who, the people who might be interested in using IEDs. Then we focus on the what, what are the explosive hazards."

The group learns what sore of chemicals are available and how they can be used as bombs and explosives and how dangerous they can be. The first responders also learn to keep their eyes peeled.

"If people are working with these chemicals and some get stolen or missing, it's probably a good idea to contact law enforcement because of the potential of what they can be used for."

When it comes to this type of emergency, crews have to be ready for anything.

"Awareness, precaution, so they know what they're dealing with which can be used for illegal purposes."

The training isn't just for those first responders. The bomb squad gets a chance to work with explosives learning how to handle and safely detonate components.

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