FBI investigating empty lot

Published 07/09 2013 11:22AM

Updated 07/15 2013 06:45PM

Update: 5:06 pm
DECATUR -- Families in one neighborhood woke up to a surprising scene. Police and the FBI roped off an empty lot along Charles and Harrison.

Investigators have been out there all day digging and sifting through dirt. Officials won't say what they're looking for in this particular spot.

Crews arrived about 8 am. Police, the FBI Evidence Response Team and the coroner have a 12 x 12 foot area taped off. They're using shovels and pick axes to dig a hole about 3 - 4 feet deep.

They're sifting every single bucket of dirt. They could be looking for remains or evidence, but again, authorities won't say. Neighbors say squad cars and detectives started showing up about a month ago.

The area in question is now an empty lot. Neighbors say there used to be a house there, but it burned down several years ago. No word how long crews will be on scene, but a detective did say they won't leave the site until they're done with their investigation.

Original: 11:22 am

DECATUR -- FBI, local police and the county coroner are digging up an empty lot at Charles Street and Harrison Avenue. Neighbors say a home used to be on the lot, but was destroyed when it was struck by lightning about ten years ago.

No word yet what police are searching for on the property. We'll update this story as more information becomes available.

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