Fewer fees means less money for courts

By Amanda Porterfield | aporterfield@wcia.com

Published 01/30 2014 10:28PM

Updated 01/31 2014 10:10AM

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- People are getting fewer tickets. It's good news for drivers, but it means less money for at least one county.

The Champaign County Circuit Court Clerk's Office says it's not hurting for money by any means. But, compared to what usually comes in from state police writing tickets, there's a noticeable difference.

The money helps keep things like the courthouse lights on and pay other bills. But, county officials say, in 2013, there was about a quarter million dollars less than 2012.

Champaign County has several highways in the area. Tickets from state police are a large part of the revenue and the number coming in from traffic fees has been down. The number of state police officers on the road in Illinois is also down.

Katie Blakeman is the Champaign County Circuit Clerk. She says fewer officers could mean fewer tickets written and less revenue. Blakeman says they're making due, finding ways to save, but this has not forced them to make any major cuts.

The positive side to all this is, with fewer cases, the Circuit Court doesn't use as many envelopes to hold those cases. Blakeman believes her office saved about $20,000 on folders in 2013.

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