Final weekend push before election

Published 11/04 2012 08:19PM

Updated 11/05 2012 01:03PM

CHAMPAIGN -- Candidates and volunteers are gearing up for the final push before Election Day. Champaign County republicans hit the streets Sunday afternoon. It's one of the last outings on the final weekend before the big day.

"When you knock on someone's door, they seem to be really receptive and welcoming, so it's been really nice," said republican volunteer Jennifer White.

Candidates like Circuit Clerk candidate Katie Blakeman say it's been a long road to the election,  but their destination is in sight.

"I can't wait for everything to be done," said Blakeman. "It's a lot of hard work and I know it's going to pay off because we've been working so hard."

Volunteers on the other side of the aisle are focusing on voters too. Democrats say they want to help get people to the polls.

"We're going to do everything we legally can to make sure every voter who wants to vote and is registered does get to cast a ballot," said democrat volunteer Esther Patt.

As volunteers prepare, democrats like County Clerk candidate Charlie Smyth have been canvassing as well.

"I already felt pretty connected to the county," said Smyth. "I feel a lot more connected now and I've really enjoyed connecting with people all across the county."

With each door comes an opportunity. Whether it's opened wide or left closed, people on both sides said it's all part of the experience. Groups on both sides said they plan to be out in full force until the election.

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