Fire chief in right place at right time

Published 02/22 2013 10:20PM

Updated 02/25 2013 09:18AM

MELVIN -- The township's road commissioner put his plowing duties aside after spotting a fire. It happened at a bar in Melvin around 3:00 am. Luckily the fire chief was just down the road at the time.

Chief Larry Boundy is also the township's road commissioner. He was out plowing when he smelled smoke and followed his nose. That's when he came upon a fire at Bubba's Bar and Grill on Main Street.

The outside of the building doesn't look bad, but the chief says the inside is completely destroyed. One firefighter got hurt after falling through the floor and into the basement. He went to the hospital but is at home now and is doing fine.

Chief Boundy says he knew he had a long morning ahead of him plowing snow, but that all changed when he smelled smoke.

"Once the fire started, my other job quit. I mean that was the most important thing trying to make sure it didn't spread to other buildings and things so that was our priority then," he said.

Crews got to the building quickly since the department is right next door to the bar. Chief Boundy believes an electrical shortage started the fire. He says the bar owners would like to rebuild, but they need an insurance agent to check out the damage first.

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