Fire could be another case of arson

Published 02/04 2013 10:06PM

Updated 02/05 2013 12:02PM

Update: 10:06 pm
GREENUP -- People are worried about a series of fires in town. There have been 17 since June; all are being investigated as arson. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau finds out more.

No one has been hurt because all the homes targeted have been vacant. The most recent was Saturday morning.

Crews responded to Elizabeth Street about 8 am. The woman living next door says she warned them it was going to happen.

"As most old people do, I woke up to go to the bathroom at three in the morning and I smelled burning."

After checking her home and the one next door, Bobbie Goodman didn't notice any flames, so she tried to go back to bed. But, a few hours later, crews were on scene.

"I saw it coming the day before."

That's because her neighbor was moving out and the house was going to be vacant.

"I called the fire chief and told him that this house, that the girl was moving out, that there would be an empty house practically on top of me."

That was Friday night. Chief Michael Carlen says he planned on checking it, but by Saturday morning, it was too late.

"The community's concerned and they have the right to be. They're scared to death. They're furious and they want something done."

That's because all the fires are being called suspicious.

"At this time, I have the fire marshal's office investigating every structure fire that we have."

So far, they haven't determined who or what is causing the fires. But, Chief Carlen says they're keeping an extra eye out in the meantime.

"Anytime we drive through town at night, we're driving all through town. We don't just come down Main Street and go home. We make passes down all the vacant houses we know of."

Chief Carlen wants the community's help. He says if you live near a vacant home, watch it. And, if you notice anything suspicious, call police or the fire department.

Original: 5:07 pm
GREENUP -- Authorities are investigating the cause of a house fire. The home, in the 500-block of East Elizabeth, caught fire Saturday morning. Firefighters believe it started in a back bedroom.

No one was hurt. Investigators don't know if the fire is another in a series of arsons in the village.

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