Fire sparks at two homes in the same neighborhood within hours

Published 08/25 2013 06:15PM

Updated 08/26 2013 10:31AM

DANVILLE -- Two separate fires sparked just blocks away in a neighborhood on the west side. Now neighbors are wondering how they started. Firefighters put them out within about ten hours of each other Saturday.

The first was at 406 Grant Street around 3 am. The second, at 611 West Seminary Street, broke out about 1 pm. A family was living at one of the homes, but no one was hurt.

Investigators are only calling one fire suspicious, but neighbors say seeing both of them spark the same day is pretty unusual. Cassie Paris watched from across the street as the house she says her brother owns went up in flames.

"It was bad," said Paris. "The flames were shooting out the front window of the porch and out of the attic."

Her brother doesn't live there anymore. No one does. Paris says that makes the fire even more mysterious.

"There was no electric on," said Paris. "There was no gas on. It's been off for several years, so it kind of makes you think someone did set it."

It took firefighters more than an hour to get the blaze under control. But just hours after they left, they got another call two blocks away.

"That was very strange to wake up and there was a fire behind us as well," said Paris. "It made me wonder if that's what's going on around the neighborhood."

Neighbors were surprised to see firefighters twice in the same day.

"Four or five fire trucks and then a lot of police cars," said David Marxmiller. "They had it all blocked off, this end to that end and then down there."

Only the second house wasn't empty. A family lived inside. They got out safely, which neighbors say is the most important thing.

"Life is more important than a house," said Marxmiller. "A house, you can get another house, but not your life."

Investigators are trying to figure out what sparked both fires and you can bet the neighbors are too. Investigators say the first fire on Grant Street is considered suspicious, but the second one on Seminary Street is not.

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