Firefighter hurt falling through floor in house fire

Published 03/22 2013 03:56PM

Updated 03/22 2013 06:06PM

DANVILLE -- A firefighter was hurt while battling a house fire. The house was a total loss. There was so much damage, crews tore down what was left to make sure there were no flare-ups. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw has more.

Crews had to move quick. The fire started in an old house at the end of the block. It was spreading to the house next door and headed toward a neighbor whose house was next in line.

It was a terrifying wake up call. King Garrett first noticed the light.

"It was just a glare through the window. I seen the fire go up, then I came outside."

He didn't think, hours later, this would be all that was left of the home just two doors down.

"It looks like an inferno."

The Kimball Street home was engulfed by the time crews arrived. It put out so much smoke, crews saw it a mile-and-a-half away.

"We were able to see smoke coming from the area, so we knew we had a pretty well-involved structure fire."

The home was a total loss. Crews spent their time trying to keep it from spreading to the house next door. It's how a firefighter got hurt.

"He fell through the floor and twisted his knee. He should be fine. He'll return to work in a couple of days."

Crews say both homes were empty. No one lives there and there was no electricity to either building.

"This house caught on fire next to it. There's the possibility it could have spread a little further."

Neighbors like Garrett are just glad crews arrived in time.

"That's the main thing. That it's this close to my own place. Hopefully, I'll just keep an eye out."

Investigators are still trying to determine a cause. Neighbors say the homeless sometimes used the places for shelter.

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